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Inswing Casement

Customize Your Inswing Casement Window

Our classic style windows are made of solid wood only; no laminates, finger joints, or veneers are used.

Boasting character and historic charm, the inswing casement style in particular is a classic design that fits seamlessly into most residential projects. The result? A custom-made window with a perfect blend of period design and modern technology.

Material and finish options may vary.

Solid Wood Construction

  • Clear Pine, Western Red Cedar, Red Oak, Alder or Honduran Mahogany
  • Solid wood only, no laminates, finger joints or veneers are used

Exterior Casing or Brickmold

  • Available upon request in standard or custom sizes and profiles
  • Interior casing is also available


  • Factory glazed with single lite or with 7/8” double insulated glass units
  • Low-E, Argon filled, Tempered, Laminated and historical glass available
  • Other options available upon request

1 3/8″ X 5 1/2″ Jamb, Standard Size

  • Solid wood frame
  • 10 degree sloped sill
  • Incredible strength, stability and durability
  • Custom jamb depth available upon request

1 3/4″ Sash

  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Unique design and triple weather-strip at meeting stiles
  • High performance and classic lines


  • 7/8″ Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) and 1 1/4” True Divided Lite (TDL) options
  • With choice of colors for perimeter and internal spacer bars


  • Unique rustic cremone bolts and matching hinges
  • Standard black finish or many other finishes upon request


  • Wood frame screen with Fibreglass, stainless steel or bronze mesh
  • Roll-up screens available upon request on special orders


Every Solii product is tested for air and water infiltration under extreme weather simulations, as well as structural and energy performance, at an independent certified testing laboratory.

Results obtained for this product (CSA A440) as recognized by the Canadian Normalisation Association:

Test Result
Air tightness A3
Water tightness B7
Wind load resistance C5

Each Solii window is custom crafted. Harness your creativity and develop your own design, or contact us - our experts can help bring your vision to life.

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Documents and product brochure are available upon request.

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