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Panoramic Fixed Windows

Customize Your Panoramic Fixed Window

Our classic style windows are made of solid wood only; no laminates, finger joints, or veneers are used.

Contemporary in style, the fixed frame panoramic window celebrates natural light, inviting your space to unfold in pure, natural beauty.

The panoramic window can be custom-made with several sections of glass retained in wooden frames - fine sightlines maximize every vista. With its luminosity, it is the natural ally of the tilt-turn, yielding efficient ventilation in any space.

Material and finish options may vary.


Every Solii product is tested for air and water infiltration under extreme weather simulations, as well as structural and energy performance, at an independent certified testing laboratory.

Each Solii window is custom crafted. Harness your creativity and develop your own design, or contact us - our experts can help bring your vision to life.

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Documents and product brochure are available upon request.

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