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Who we are

As the exclusive Ontario distributor of award-winning Belisle Architectural Windows and Doors and Dionne Windows, Solii Artisanal Windows & Doors is proud to offer superior Canadian-made, luxury windows and doors. Headquartered in Ottawa, we provide advice and assist architects, home builders, contractors, designers, and homeowners with all of their custom window and door needs. Wood or aluminum, classic or modern, detailed or simplistic, large or small; we can create it.

Our Manufacturers

Belisle Architectural Windows and Doors

More than 45 years of specialized experience crafting luxury artisanal windows and doors yields an incomparable luxury product.

Commissioned to produce heritage and custom windows and doors of some of the most iconic buildings in Canada and the United States, Belisle is known for an artisanal eye that creates a dynamic transition between interior and exterior spaces.

Distinguished from its peers through age old techniques passed down through generations, each Belisle custom piece is made with painstaking precision. Solid wood construction and Energy Star efficient, traditional craftsmanship blends with 21st century innovation to produce one of a kind windows and doors for your next luxury project.

Dionne Architectural

Sleek. Modern. You know the type. European hardware, high performance aluminium tilt and turn windows answer to contemporary design demands.

Easily integrated to fit seamlessly into your architectural and building criteria, Dionne windows are crafted with the highest attention to detail and a wide range of functionalities. Energy Star Certified for optimal efficiency. Bring the outside in - your clients will love you for it.

Made in Canada

Every time you purchase a Solii custom crafted window or door, local Canadian craftspeople undertake the diligent process of building your custom piece. We live in a global world; the technology and materials we use are sourced from the best - but know that your custom Solii product is being made by expert hands in the province of Quebec.

Supporting Canadian talent is something we are proud of, and as each product bears the hallmarks of time-honoured Canadian craftsmanship - you can be proud too.