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Solii Spotlight: Nepean Single Family Home

Welcome to our very first blog post! In these monthly updates we hope to share with you the projects that we’re working on, architectural works that inspire us, and noteworthy industry updates. For our inaugural post, we asked ourselves: what better way is there to introduce you to our monthly blog updates than to do a little show and tell?

As a luxury window and door supplier, every custom or luxury project we work on is truly one of a kind. We are pleased to be the window supplier for a custom home being built in Nepean. This home was originally a small bungalow on a large lot, and is now well on its way to becoming a contemporary two storey single family home.

With sleek lines emphasized by oversized natural stone and red cedar soffit, our leading-edge aluminium windows are a perfect fit for this luxury home. We used a combination of picture windows, oversized patio doors, and tilt and turn windows to amplify the natural light and merge the home’s natural surroundings with its interiors.

To complement spacious picture windows and allow for easy airflow, our extruded aluminium tilt and turn windows were the best choice. This way, the residents of this luxury home can enjoy beautiful views outside while benefiting from easy operation and maintenance. Minimal, brushed hardware continues the sleek profile, and all of our windows are inset into the drywall so that they’re flush - barely there.

The smallest details play a huge role in elevating this home’s contemporary and polished aesthetic. When compared to other windows, our exterior jambs and sills have a sleeker profile that maximize views and offer a more contemporary, luxury feel. See for yourself in the examples below. The first window pictured is from another home on the same street, and does not have Solii windows. The second photo is a Solii window. Can you see the difference?

All of our windows are made in Canada, so not only are they stunning, our clients know their product is of superior quality and craftsmanship, built (almost!) in their own backyard. Extended durability means this home will not have to change their windows for years to come.

These work in progress photos show the layers of meticulous work that goes into installing our custom windows and doors - their durability maximizes insulation and reduces maintenance for these lucky homeowners. We can’t wait to show you the final product!

Got questions about your luxury home? We’d love to hear from you!
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