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4 Heritage Buildings in Ottawa That Will make You Swoon

Move over Parliament Hill, Ottawa has plenty of architecturally beautiful buildings that deserve our attention. At Solii, we are suckers for the luxurious cachet of heritage architecture and everything that comes with it.

Just as our custom doors and windows are made with time-honoured craftsmanship and technique, so were some of Ottawa’s most unique and commanding buildings. As a business in the nation’s capital, we always strive to maintain a sense of awe and deep respect for the history we’re surrounded with.

We thought we’d round up some of the city’s most architecturally beautiful buildings for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. Know that with us, no design is impossible - so who knows? Maybe some history will rub off on your very own home.

Sir John A Macdonald Building

144 Wellington Street

Originally built in 1929 by The Bank of Montreal, restored in 2012 and now hosts West Block’s former Confederation Room, a venue for significant parliamentary events.

Photo courtesy of Canadian Architect

Victoria Building

Built in 1927 - 1928, this was one of the first high-rises in Ottawa and now hosts government offices.

Photo courtesy of Public Works Canada

Aberdeen Pavilion

Originally built in 1898 for the Central Canada Exhibition Association, it is now a venue for all types of large-scale events and community gatherings.

Photo courtesy of Parks Canada

Laurentian Leadership Centre / J.R. Booth Mansion

Built in 1909 as the residence of J.R. Booth, a wealthy lumber baron in Ottawa, this residence is now home to the Laurentian Leadership Centre of Trinity Western University.

Photo courtesy of City of Ottawa

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