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The Benefits of a Smart Lock for Your Luxury Home

In the 16th century, moats and drawbridges were humankind’s response to security threats to the home. Although luxury home security is still an issue in our day and age, such drastic measures need not be taken, mostly because nobody lives in castles anymore (although how cool would that be?!) but also because 21st century technology makes it so easy protect the ones we love.

If you’re thinking about upping security for your luxury home, we’ve listed some of the principal benefits of adding a smart lock to your front door.

No More Keys!

Most smart locks work in conjunction with your smartphone, and allow you to operate your door from wherever you are in the world through an app on your phone. You can even monitor who comes and goes - even while you’re away - a great feature for housekeepers, authorized delivery personnel, or family members while you jetset.

Home Automation

Home automation systems can often be integrated seamlessly with your new smart lock. From here, you’ll be able to access and control garage entry, and other areas of security concern like windows and patio doors all from one central app.

More Secure

“Smart” isn’t just a gimmick-y name. Smart locks are a great deterrent for burglars as they’re more challenging to get past than a traditional deadbolt. Most home burglaries are through forced-entry, so a smart lock shows immense value.

Pro Tips BEFORE Getting Your Smart Lock:

  • Decide whether you want to keep your deadbolt or not. Most smart locks serve as deadbolts but others can simply be added on.
  • Make sure your current home automation system is compatible with whichever smart lock you choose - ask a specialist!
  • Make sure your door is in good working condition - especially if you’d like to keep your deadbolt. If you have to fiddle with, push, or pull your door to open it, a smart lock might not be optimal, and you might want to start with replacing your door (no apologies for shameless self promotion - call us (link to contact us page) if this is you!) or lock system.

The beauty of all smart locks is that they are sleek and don’t add bulk or unattractiveness to your front door. If you have questions about your front door or any doors in your home, give us a call (link to contact us page) - we’d love to hear from you.

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