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From Iconic Chateaus to Your Home

Canadian Craftsmanship Honours History

Photo of Chateau Frontenac

Now more than ever, the words “made in Canada” mean so much more than simply identifying a product’s geographicorigins. A “made in Canada” product is synonymous with local craftsmanship and rich history from a storied provenance. Like our solid wood windows and doors from our supplier Belisle Architectural Windows and Doors, each piece delivered to a luxury home tells a story.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that many of our luxury and custom home projects feature Belisle handcrafted windows and doors; the very same luxury windows and doors that are found in the Parliament buildings, the Chateau Frontenac, and in buildings around the old towns of Quebec City and Montreal. You may have walked by some of these facades, appreciating the subtle details that make them so photoready yet timelessly elegant.

Indeed, some of Belisle’s best work has already been woven into the fabric of Canada’s heritage. Here are a few of our favourites:

Le Chateau Frontenac

Photo of the interior of the Chateau Frontenac
Image source The Fairmont, Le Château Frontenac

Apparently, Le Chateau Frontenac is said to be the world’s most photographed hotel. Any guesses why? Perhaps because this hotel was the prototype for the now iconic string of chateau-style railway hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and is the purest expression of Chateau design among them all. The Chateau Frontenac was designed by architect Bruce Price who was particularly inspired by the medieval chateaux of the Loire Valley in France. Telling signs of this influence can be found throughout this historic landmark. The massive scale and fortress-like silhouette, circular and polygonal towers, and the steeply pitched roof define the building’s heritage character.

Our favourite details though? The window dressing. Ornate gables and dormers frame windows at various levels, and above fourth storey windows, a row of machicolations are found in true Gothic style. Solid wood arched windows and stained glass transoms finish the stunning effect.

Historic significance, antique structural details and a national landmark -Belisle’s custom architectural solid wood windows are a perfect pairing to pay homage to the Chateau Frontenac’s history while offering comforts of the 21st century.

Photo of the detail of an exterior door at the Chateau Frontenac

Vieux Quebec

Photo of a Vieux Quebec tower
Image source Belisle, Architectural Windows and Doors

Steps away from the Chateau Frontenac you’ll find winding cobblestone streets full of shops and restaurants -welcome to Old Quebec. As a UNESCO world heritage site, Old Quebec is alive with history, historic architecture and European charm.

Gracing the storefronts of several city-loved spots, find the impeccable craftsmanship of Belisle Architectural Windows and Doors. Can you spot it? The sleek yet timeless profile? The solid yet enchanting curve of an arched doorway? These artisanal touches are a product of Belisle’s commitment to honouring history. It isa delicate fusion of time honoured tradition and innovative technology. There’s no wonder the merchants and residents of Old Quebec entrusted their historic windows and doors to Belisle.

Photo of a Vieux Quebec building
Image source Belisle, Architectural Windows and Doors
Photo of a Vieux Quebec David's Tea Building
Image source Belisle, Architectural Windows and Doors

Do you have a heritage home and are looking to update? Architectural windows and doors are a seamless way to incorporate 21st century comforts while respecting your home’s history. Feeling inspired to add your own slice of Canadian heritage and craftsmanship to your home?

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