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Belisle Artisanal Windows & Doors

Strong, aesthetically on-point, classic. Wood windows and doors are a coveted feature in most luxury or custom homes, and it’s easy to understand why. Its natural properties conjure feelings of elegance, propriety, while the solid structure conveys security and strength.

When it came to choosing a supplier for our artisanal windows and doors, we knew that all of these timeless qualities needed to be present and that whoever we worked with appreciated history and heritage reconstruction.

Would you believe we found a perfect partner in the remote location of St. Jean de Dieu in northern Quebec?

Interior of Belisle Factory showing workers building wood windows and doors

Belisle Artisanal Windows and Doors is a family owned and operated specialty wood windows and doors manufacturer that began its incredible journey in 1971. From the beginning, Belisle focused on producing the highest quality custom windows and doors. Through the 70’s and 80’s, this craft was honed, when the founders developed specialized equipment to maintain the highest caliber of products.

Over the years, Belisle began to stand out from its competitors for its exceptional customer service and satisfaction, as well as its outstanding product. Soon, Belisle noticed that they were developing a niche clientele - historic reconstructions and high end residences.

They continued to streamline their processes to offer the best custom and luxury windows and doors on the market.

Interior view of a wooden porch with big windows on a sunny day

Today, we are happy to pass on the expertise and craftsmanship that Belisle offers. We have been to their factory and have seen first hand the innovative technology they use to enhance the hand-craftsmanship that goes into each window and door.

Because of Belisle’s generations of expertise and their passion for their craft, we are able to pass on these rare and unequalled delights to you.

Looking for just the right finish on your window hardware? Have you or your architect dreamed up a unique window frame that fits just-so in your home? Or perhaps you are restoring a heritage home and want to maintain its unique character?

Exterior view of a classic pool house surrounded by very green trees with a cloud in the background on a beautiful day

Every Belisle solid wood door and window is handcrafted to your specifications and made of the finest wood materials, and it all happens right here, in Canada. Whether traditional or contemporary, with so many options at your fingertips, we know Belisle can satisfy every architectural whim. And how awesome does it feel to know that you’re supporting Canadian production, manufacturing, and talent?

All of these requests are made possible because of the fine quality of work and craftsmanship that happens in St. Jean de Dieu. Belisle has been entrusted to provide windows for reconstructed luxury townhomes in Manhattan, as well as the iconic windows in the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

We knew that the best in the country, if not North America, was a perfect fit for our clientele. If you’d like to see, touch, and feel the magic of these solid wood windows and doors for yourself, come and visit our showroom! Or if you’re thinking of updating your windows or doors, call our office - our experts will be happy to discuss any ideas or the benefits of Belisle to you.

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